Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cookery: Swanky Parfaits

Parfaits are so refreshing! With infinite flavor combinations, I don't think I could ever get bored with them. I like how restaurants put them in clear plastic cups so you can see the layers, but I don't like using plastic dishes. I don't drink often so my seldom used barware gets an outing at brunch to show off these layered treats.

During a recent visit with a sister, I made the parfaits shown above using Liberté brand yoghurt. It's higher calorie than many others, but so rich and creamy, I actually enjoy eating it. I like the lemon and coconut flavors best for parfaits, but others are also available. I added fresh raspberries, and topped with Honey Bunches of Oats granola. I also especially like apples or strawberries topped with original Muesli. Dried fruits work, too. Vodka is optional. ;-)

Garnish with a citrus wedge, fruit skewer or pop a berry onto the end of your spoon like I did for a "swizzle" spoon. Swanky parfaits brighten up brunch and are a quick, nutritious breakfast option.

Thanks for stopping by and keep living the Qute life!

 ~Susie Qute

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