Thursday, August 6, 2015

Blown Glass Class

Karen and I recently took a class at Glass Axis in Columbus, OH. We've both wanted to try it for ages, and when they offered a Groupon I knew it was time. Plus I was looking for a fun activity to say thanks for being so supportive during finals. I recently graduated from nursing school and got my RN license!
Melting on the "grist" (small bits of colored glass).

I love how our pieces turned out. Since it was our first time working with glass we didn't really know what kind of techniques to use, so we just messed around. I think we got very lucky, but I'm sure part of that was because Jackie, the instructor, gave us great advice. We plan to return in the future to try out the class to make glass flowers or beads. So fun!

The hardest part was the heat! Even with water and fans we were dripping with sweat. This is definitely something for us to do in the winter when we can't take the cold. The next hardest part was waiting to pick up our glass. We were out of town so had to wait over a week! Normally they're ready a couple of days later.

Thanks for stopping by and keep living the qute life!

~Susie Qute
Karen puffs some air into her ornament.
Shaping the paperweight.
Finished paperweight with deep purple and gray.

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