Sunday, September 28, 2014

Turtle Time

A recent date at Creekside in Gahanna held a prehistoric surprise for me--an encounter with an alligator snapping turtle. Two parks employees were gazing at what seemed to be an ordinary muddy stretch of Big Walnut Creek Bog, so I asked what they were looking at. What seemed to be a lumpy, mossy rock MOVED! I'd never heard of alligator snapping turtles and this one was the biggest turtle I'd ever seen outside a zoo, easily measuring 24 inches or more from snout to tail tip.

Please forgive my amateur videography.

Fossils of similar turtles have been found in the late Cretaceous (at least 66 million years ago). Turtles are usually pretty easy for even kids to spot in a wetlands area, where they often line up, and sometimes pile up, on logs and rocks over the water to catch some sun. If you don't have a good turtle spotting site nearby try your hand at an origami turtle. My poor attempt is too misshapen to be blog worthy but origami was never  my strong suit. Hope you have better luck, or try Danielle's Place for some easier turtle craft ideas.

Other notable sitings were a bee tree, a red-shouldered hawk just hanging out, and a swan log rolling and splashing among the ducks. I'm planning to return one weekend this fall to try out the sparkly green paddle boats ($5 for 30 minutes).

Thanks for coming back even though I haven't added much content lately. I recently moved and will try to post more regularly now we're getting settled.

Thanks for stopping by!
~Susie Qute

I think this is a Red-shouldered Hawk. They are common in woods with swampy areas. Any experts want to weigh in?

It was hard to get a close up of this old girl-she looks like a rock!

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