Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Simple Pleasures: Free Croquet Wallpaper

We spent several years of my childhood in upstate New York. We had a nice big yard at one house and would often play family games of croquet, badminton, ping pong, and other classic past times. Dad would grill and mom would make potato salad or deviled eggs. We don't have much space so yard games aren't really possible here, but we broke out the croquet set during my recent trip to see my folks in New York state.

It always makes me nostalgic for those fun summer days stretching slowly into night, when we didn't have to come in until dark (or until the gnats drove us in if it was damp). As I reminisced, I thought summer fun would make a great theme for wallpapers or scrapbook papers. Here are the first installments in what I hope will become a series.

Thanks for stopping by, and keep living the Qute life!
~Susie Qute

Both are a 16:9 aspect ratio for widescreen monitors/tablets.
Click here for blue sky wallpaper shown above, or higher quality image via Social Wallpapering here.
Click here for green wallpaper shown below, or higher quality image via Social Wallpapering here.

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